31 Days of Becoming Me – Day 15: Stop Apologizing for Being Yourself


photo-by SnapbyThree MY
photo by SnapbyThree MY

There’s another 31 Days writer I’m following. Mary writes at Giving Up on Perfect. 31 Days of Not Sorry. When I saw the topic I was intrigued. What’s that about? Here’s an excerpt from her blog:

What I’ve been thinking lately is that all that apologizing is just one more way I’m trying to be perfect. And just like all my other attempts at perfection? It’s exhausting. And I don’t think all this trying…and failing…and apologizing is what God has in mind for my life, for me.

I love this. I know I’m guilty of apologizing for this reason. Why? Because in the past I really want to be perfect and be perceived as perfect by others. But that’s ridiculous.

No one is perfect and pretending that we are or that it’s something we can attain is putting our best false self forward. That’s not the authentic life. 

When we put up these kind of walls, it puts distance between ourselves and others. That’s not our goal. Our goal is intimacy and that’s only achieved by being vulnerable and sharing our true selves.

Part of our becoming is admitting we’re human. Our humanity is not something to apologize for. We are all human. It’s how we were created. Not meant for perfection but for living. Let’s choose to inhabit our being. Don’t apologize for being you.


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