31 Days of Becoming Me – Day 13: How do you like your eggs?


photo by I love Peanut Butter
photo by I love Peanut Butter

Did you ever watch Runaway Bride? I was a bonafide Julia Roberts fan. A total sucker for all those romantic comedies of the 90’s. Could.not.get.enough. They don’t  make romcoms very often anymore I’ve noticed.

Anyways, do you remember the scene of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts where they are at the diner and she’s trying all the different ways eggs are prepared for breakfast because she’s discovered she’s always deferred her preference to whomever she was dating.  One beau liked eggs benedict (side note: is this how Saint Benedict liked his eggs?), so that’s what she ordered too. Another preferred scrambled, so that was her choice as well. No one, including herself, had ever asked her “How do YOU like your eggs?”

Obviously this spanned far more categories of self-interest than eggs, but it was poignant because we all do this. Maybe you defer to your spouse, parents, kids, boss or friend. Have you stopped to ask yourself what you really like?

Compromise is a necessary part of life. We won’t always get our way or preference, but it’s freeing and empowering to know what you love. And we should be sure to include what we love on a regular basis in our life. It’s the real us.

It may sound simple, but rediscover what you love. Have you been drinking lemon tea because that’s what you grew up with? Pick up a few flavors that sound yummy and explore them. My favorite is Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea – fall in a cup.

Go beyond food, what books do you really love to read? What stores do you like to shop in? Do you like to talk on the phone? Is Facebook really your thing?

We can’t eliminate everything we don’t like or love (as previously stated) BUT, we definitely can eliminate those things that don’t serve us and we’ve just been holding onto because.

Please share, what do you love? What have you been holding onto because _____? I’d love hear from you!


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