31 Days of Becoming Me – Day 12: You are a Cup of Tea

31Days2015headerphoto-by David Mao

Do you ever think “I have no idea who I really am,” or “will I ever know?”

This process of becoming is long and often it feels like you’re walking on a narrow path that is blanketed in thick fog. The visibility is poor so it’s one step at a time. It is lonely work.

Often, our tendency is to look at others. We fashion ourselves like a patchwork quilt, taking the good parts from what we see in others and appliquéing it onto our own person.  But it’s not really us, is it?

Or maybe, you continually bump into people and often feel out of place.  Especially when we’re in the process of becoming we’re in change and that disrupts our circles. Others may bump into me and not like the difference they see.

What do we do when faced with these circumstances? We’re not sure who we are, but we’re not the same either and others aren’t thrilled with the change.

A mentor and friend of mine is known for saying:

“You may not be their cup of tea, but you are a cup of tea.”

As you go throughout your day, remind yourself of this truth. Our goal is not that everyone should like us. People-pleasing is a path wrought with frustration and inauthenticity. But, as you begin the transformation of becoming your true self will call forth others on the same journey. Souls that love you just the way you are.

You are a beautiful cup of tea, don’t change your flavor to suit those who won’t be satisfied. Allow yourself to unfurl and develop the depth you were created for.


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