31 Days of Becoming Me – Day 8: Who am I?


“One of the central endeavors of the human experience is to consciously discover the intimacies of who we already are. As in: life is not about building an alternate name for ourselves; it’s about discovering the name we already have.” – Erika Morrison

photo by kazuend     

Today, I’m linking to a guest post on Sarah Bessy’s blog by Erika Morrison. She just released a book all about finding your soul, discovering your true self. This post is filled with so many gems and it’s exactly what we’re talking about. While we can skirt around the subject of WHO we are by trying to fill in blanks about our roles, our hobbies, or interests and what we like… if that’s all the further we get we’ve missed the point. We are not the sum of our surroundings, but a unique individual never to be seen again in history. So, pull up a chair and breathe deep in these words by Erika Morrison. 


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