31 Days of Becoming Me – Day 7: Creativity


I recently finished listening to a podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert called Magic Lessons. This was an amazing listen. As a mom of littles (2,5 & 7 years old) I don’t feel like I’m nearly as creative as I used to be, at least I don’t get to exercise my creativity as often. Can you relate?

In one of the podcasts she claims that everyone is creative, but not everyone exercises their creativity. I think this is so true. I know women and men who think they aren’t creative, but will show glimpses of their creativity. We tend to have stereotypes of what creative really means, but at it’s essence it means to create.


We were created by a wildly imaginative God and made in His image. We all may have different gifts and talents, but creativity spans that broad horizon. 

If you don’t know where to start, listen to this podcast. Elizabeth is easy to listen to, so gentle and kind and has a great laugh.

Share, what creativity brews in you? Do you make time for it or not? Why? I’d love to hear what makes you come alive. Finding and honing my creativity is a core part of becoming me.

When I’m creating I’m living in the present moment, I’m doing something designed for me and by me. 

There is no room for shame.


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