31 Days of Becoming Me – Day 3: Personality & Myers-Briggs



What is it that makes you uniquely you? Is it just the sum of your experiences and the environment in which you live? I think it’s much more than that. One of the biggest game changers for me was discovering personality type in Myers-Briggs. A few years ago I led a MOPS group and we had a speaker talk about this specifically for our children as a tool for discipline and engaging them in a way that was intentional and meaningful. And it has been so useful that way, but in a much larger way as a tool for discovering ME. How am I wired? Why do I hate large crowds? Why does small talk make me want to run and hide (or vomit)? Why do I have full-blown conversations in my head? Am I the only one? the list goes on and on, and you have your own version.

I’m an INFJ (Introverted – Intuitive – Feeling – Judging) the rarest personality type making up about 1-2% of the population (although this seems larger in the online presence of bloggers at times). The nickname for an INFJ is “the counselor.” We’re introverts first and foremost (large crowds, uh no). We’re a highly intuitive bunch. Our gut often leads us and we don’t often know why or how we know what we know, we just know. We make decisions based on our intuition and feeling. We are extroverted feelers, meaning I need to process my feelings with others, through writing, talking and sharing. Judging is a not so nice way of saying we like things a particular way. We are planners, organizers, and task-oriented.

Here’s an excerpt from 16personalities.com:

INFJs indeed share a very unique combination of traits: though soft-spoken, they have very strong opinions and will fight tirelessly for an idea they believe in. They are decisive and strong-willed, but will rarely use that energy for personal gain – INFJs will act with creativity, imagination, conviction and sensitivity not to create advantage, but to create balance. Egalitarianism and karma are very attractive ideas to INFJs, and they tend to believe that nothing would help the world so much as using love and compassion to soften the hearts of tyrants.

There are sixteen personality types associated with Myers-Briggs. In the comments below, please share what type you are (links below if you want to find out) and any questions you may have. There are tons of resources out there on this topic, but it’s always helpful to have fellow sojourners.


If you would like to download a comprehensive temperament quiz for Myers-Briggs you can do so here. At the top of the page there’s red text with a download for adult temperament and also for children if you’re interested.

If you’re more interested in an online version try this one or this one.

Into podcasts? Megan at SortaAwesome recorded this one all about Myers-Briggs.

Also, I’m just getting into the Enneagram…not enough to really share my experience here, but if you know your type share it below and feel free to share links, etc. I’m loving what this has to offer.


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