31 Days of Becoming Me

31Days2015headerWelome to 31 Days of Becoming Me.

Scroll down to read Day 1.

Click to read the other days, I’ll be adding a link to each day once it goes live.

Day 2 // I am a child of God.
Day 3 // Personality & Myers-Briggs
Day 4 // Self Care & Soul Care
Day 5 // Reconnect with your inner child
Day 6 // Shame
Day 7 // Creativity
Day 8 // Who am I?

Day 1

Welcome to 31 days of Becoming Me.  Do you find yourself struggling for perfection, but knowing that’s not attainable or really even desirable?  Who’s really under all that skin and bones, is it who we present to others, someone else entirely or a muddled mix of the two?

Maybe you feel yourself struggling with the question, “who am I?” I know I have and continue to.  There’s no quick fix of course. But maybe we can uncover some ways to explore ourselves, peel back some of those layers and journey together.  Let’s explore who we were made to be, a child of God, created not for perfection but for His perfect purpose. It may not be extravagant, shiny or wild, but it is exactly who we are and that is a beautiful thing.

I’d love to have your feedback, ways you’re becoming you and discovering your beautiful self. I’ll share some big picture ideas, but I also want to get specific. There’s no one like you, or me, we’re each unique in nature and will and should hold different shapes, preferences and inherent qualities. I’ll be sharing some of my own path and leave lots of room for questions and growth. It’s not a quick fix, but the path is not impossible either. Join me.


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